Sunday, November 27, 2011

Michener Cabin

Michener Cabin (Summer 2007)
Michener Cabin is located just off the Appalachian Trail on Big Flat.  We often walk by it when we loop hike from the parking area just off Ridge Road where the AT crosses Dead Womans Hollow Road.  The AT dips down to the cabin on an old road bordered by numerous pines.  At the cabin take a right (southwest) on Dead Womans Hollow Trail which first crosses a spring and then winds back to Dead Womans Hollow Road.  Go right (north) on Dead Womans Hollow Road to get back to your car.  We took this walk the day after Thanksgiving 2011.  It was a beautifully clear fall day.  Since it had just rained the spring was overflowing.

Pine on AT near Michener (T-giving 2011)
If you take a left (southeast) at the cabin you can take Blueberry Trail to an overlook and then a steep downhill to Tumbling Run parking on 233.  [This is not a loop hike.]  A number of years ago we flushed a mother turkey and her chicks on a spring hike on the Blueberry Trail

Michener cabin is maintained by the Potomac Appalachian Trail Club and can be rented from them.  []  It is listed as primitive - no running water or electricity, outhouse, spring water, and a picnic table. Parking is 1 mile away.

Spring near Michener (T-giving 2011)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Caledonia State Park

Ramble Trail bridge over the Conococheague
Caledonia State Park has numerous activities which might interest you. It boasts a number of short easy trails, including the Ramble Trail.  The Appalachian Trail runs through the middle of the park.  Numerous picnic table, grills, and shelters are available.  The park is the site of a former iron furnace as well as the Thaddeus Stevens Blacksmith shop.  A large camping area, a swimming pool, and a new visitors center provide added opportunities.   The Conococheague Creek runs through the park.  For more information see

Conococheague looking toward the pool
I had a good walk today on the Ramble Trail.  For November it was warm and sunny.  A number of people were strolling around, including many with their pooches.  If it had been a summer day, though, it would have been way too crowded for me.
Conococheague near the pool

Sunday, November 13, 2011

An unexpected pleasure

We went hiking today on Big Flat, just off the AT near Rocky Knob. We weren't expecting it to be as warm as it was - 64 degrees by noon. We did a 3 mile loop starting on a mountain bike path and then back on Ridge Road and the AT. Picked up trash on Ridge Road. At the start of the hike we were in mostly hardwoods. As the trail went higher up on the ridge there were mostly pines. This is a trail that some crazy mountain biker created several years ago - right through every pile of rocks in the area. It makes a great walk. We didn't see any bikers today but instead two riders on horses.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Toms Run in the Fall

I haven't been able to hike since last July due to some nasty surgery. Today was the first day that I have been able to do any hiking since then. I chose to circle hike from Camp Michaux to Toms Run Shelters on the Sunset Rocks Trail and back via the AT.

I had a lovely walk as usual. The fall leaves are slightly past their prime. However when the leaves fall into Toms Run they are always beautiful.  I keep trying to take the perfect picture of Toms Run.  This one makes me feel very good.

My lovely wife and best friend Carolyn was with me.  It was good to be on the trail again.   Camp Michaux has become a tourist attraction since it has been restored a bit by the Cumberland County Historical Society.  There were many more folks in the area than typical.

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Camp Michaux Walking Tour

Over the summer the Cumberland County Historical Society cleaned up and restored visible artifacts on the Camp Michaux property.  They created a walking tour of the facility, as well.  A pdf brochure is available from their web site.

The site is just off the Appalachian Trail.  Drive there by going east from Pine Grove Furnace State Park on Route 233.  Take a right onto Michaux Road.  Parking is available on Michaux Road and on Bunkerhill Road.  

While you are there you can circle hike on the AT toward Toms Run Shelters.  Take a left on blue-blazed Sunset Rock Trail to make your way back,

Bunker Hill Farm
Pine Grove Furnace CCC Camp
Pine Grove Furnace POW Interrogation Camp
Church Camp Michaux
David L. Smith, Director
Camp Michaux Recognition and Development Project
Cumberland County Historical Society

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Section of the AT opened in Michaux Forest

New section from Michaux Road (south end)
N40 02.427 W77 20.501
 The PATC has opened a new section of the AT, which now bypasses 2 roads.  The new section is south of Pine Grove Furnace State Park and north of the new Mid-Point of the AT (near Toms Run Shelter).  The new section is approximately .7 miles.
Formerly the AT south  followed the dirt Bunker Hill Road till it T'd at the former CCC Camp on Michaux Road.  It then followed paved Michaux up the hill till the trail branched off the road to the left toward Toms Run.  The new section wends its way through the forest.

New section is in green (map is approximate)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Deer Hunting Season

Swamp Trail in Pine Grove St. Pk.
 The only thing I like about deer hunting season is that it forces me off the AT into the State Parks.  I have been hiking Pine Grove since T-Giving.  I enjoy walking on the shorter paths in the Parks.  In the summer the Parks are pretty crowded but far less so when it is cold.  On my drive there from Shippensburg the road is lined with pickup trucks of hunters out there waiting for a deer.  Unfortunately they are hunting too near the AT for me to feel comfortable hiking.  I think yesterday was the last day of deer season so I should be OK next week.  Small game season doesn't seem to bring out the hunters in droves as does deer season.  I still wear blaze orange, though, when I walk during the winter.

Mountain Creek in Pine Grove Furnace St. Pk.